The Mess Behind LLWC

I was going to take some nice pretty photo to put here, but then I was like you know what. Thats FAKE, let's not do that. So, this is me. A mom, a WAHM (work at home mom) that usually looks like this if you ever show up at my house. I cant honestly say, there will be days where i forget to brush my teeth (my poor husband haha). I rarely put clothes on, other than tshirts and leggings. So thats me, what you will find on most days. 

I am the face behind Live Love Wax Co. I make wax melts, wax loaves (join my Facebook group to learn about those, plus thats where all the good deals are shown!) and candles upon request! 

I also make whipped sugar scrubs, whipped soaps, body sprays, solid perfume, perfume rollers, and so much more! 

All of my products are made with Pthalate free fragrance oils (phthalates are chemicals), and the best quality ingredients. 

Feel free to reach out, if you ever have questions! 

Thanks for stopping by!

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May New Scent Sampler
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Imperial Jade Breeze Wax Warmer -- PREORDER
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Mason Jar Wax Warmer -- PREORDER
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Edison Style Wax Warmer -- PREORDER

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