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You have your choice of Birthday Samplers! Either LLWC Favorites, or Birthday Cake Bonanza!

LLWC Favorites include a scallop tart in each of  the following: 

Salty Mermaid Hair

Fizzy Pops

Lemon Curd

Fruit Loops


Stress Relief

Hood Rat Things

Raspberry Sorbet

Sleepy Squishy


With a BONUS scallop in Barefoot Saturday Night


Birthday Bonanza includes one blended scallop tart.

Each wax melt, first is drenched in Birthday Cake, and then blended with each of the following:

Ice Cream


Root beer

Caramel Apples

Blonde Moment

Fizzy Pops

Blueberry Pumpkin

Key Lime

Rainbow Sherbet

Cappuccino Espresso

Banana Nut Bread

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Apple Pie

Pineapple and Brown Sugar

With a BONUS Tea & Cakes Scallop Tart

These bundles are preorder, with a Turn Around Time of 14-21 business day. 

Candy Corn Wax Melts

Each Advent Calendar will include:

24 Super Itty Bitty Tarts

1 Chunky Tart (For Christmas Day) 

Coupons and Freebies for other shops 

$10 in extras from LLWC

Scratcher Card with various prizes and discounts

& a Christmas Gift from LLWC

Each day, the scent will be announced in the LLWC Group, to remain with Advent Style 

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